I’m a web developer based in the UK, currently contracting for a finance company. I’m 30 and like to think of ideas and execute them. I continually look to learn and I try not to impose limits on myself.

Outside of the internet some of my interests include: playing football, rowing (in the gym), design and reading.

Personal projects

  • beforesteam.com - A price comparison site for Steam games. Millions of price points tracked. Records price history for thousands of games in multiple vendors and mulitple currencies. ~40 IP’s used for polling data without hitting limits. Amazon S3 for image hosting, cloudflare as a CDN at the front of it all.

  • textiler.com - A joint project where I was responsible for the development. Design & print custom digital fabrics. Makes use of canvas / fabric.js and node.js

  • freshfollowers.com - Based off of research into the best way to increase an Instagram following, this application gives the highest rate of acquisition for genuine followers based on their interests. This was not opened to everyone due to Instagrams strict acceptance policy.

  • fifatrader.com - Automatically buy and sell players from EA’s FIFA at a users set prices. Has received 100’s of signups with no promotion.

  • pintbet.com - A site for sports betting tips which tracks real bookmaker odds and records user performance with play money.

  • thebuildingcompany.co - A local building company website hosted on Github, using a custom Jekyll theme and Cloudflare.


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