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Eckhart Tolle

I wanted to write a post in case something happens to me and I can no longer post. Rather than an otherwise potentially alarming title, I’ve gone for a recent but profound teacher, Eckhart Tolle. What information would I want to pass on to others? The teachings...

10 Days of Silent Meditation

I wanted to write about a silent Vipassana meditation course I recently went on. When I was there, I couldn’t read or write, and had time to think about what I would write if I could. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sam Doidge...

Football Club Owner

Football Club Owner was a football management game on the App Store. It received thousands of downloads and many favourable reviews. Built using React Native.

You Should Probably Stop Consuming Seed Oils

After indulging over the Christmas period, and contracting Covid, I was feeling not-great. This led me to more diet research, and to seed oils which I had seen mentioned as being bad for you on various platforms across the Internet. Hours of research later, I embarked on...

Jekyll with Docker

Since moving to a new Mac, pulling down my blog to make a post - I really didn’t want to deal with configuring the environment to run Jekyll locally again. It won’t be the last machine I have to configure this on, and it’s not a systematic...

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