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Why I believe in Bitcoin

I’ve been meaning to write this down for a while. As Bitcoin hits the $1400 USD mark, I thought now is a good time. Core strengths Decentralised ...

Football Club Owner UI Update

This is a quick update on the Football simulation game I have been working on. It now utilises React Native Elements. I found this to be the React Native UI library that best matched my requirements.

Angular 6 with SCSS

This is a quick demonstration of how to create a project with SCSS as default ng new projectname --style=scss or the slightly more involved solution for changing an existing project to use scss.

Sass Lint Visual Studio Code Extension

This is a great Visual Studio Code extension I found when looking to tidy up my SCSS files. It will notify you of incorrect property order, alert you when you should use variables, and much more. You will need to install the sass-lint npm package with...

Express API Hello World

This is a demo at the most basic level for creating an API in Node using the Express framework. You will need node and npm to run this. My preferred option is via Homebrew. brew install node should then give you node and npm....

Lazy Loading in Angular 6

This is a quick video of lazy loading working for Angular 6 routes. It is used when routing to feature modules, and stops the modules being initiliased before they are needed. const routes: Routes = [ { path: 'customers', loadChildren: './customers/customers.module#CustomersModule' } ] Is how a...

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