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WordPress vs Tumblr vs Posterous

**2014:** Posterous is now dead, I'm using Jekyll

I’ve come back to the blog world and had to choose a platform to write my words. For me the choice was WordPress.


They have really carved their own space in the blogging world by trimming down the traditional blog and growing a youthful user base. Tumbler makes posting a joy and sharing other peoples posts is easy. Where it falls down for me is in the SEO department, and in a big way (I have test with new blogs and low ranking key words on 2 occasions). If you want people to be primarily finding your site via search engines – Tumblr is not the platform to choose.


My last personal site used Posterous, and it was good. Everything is stored in the cloud – like Tumblr and posting is as simple as Tumblr. It wasn’t the choice for me this time due to the limited theming options and WordPress having better SEO.

WordPress may seem bloated compared to Tumblr and Posterous for simple blogging, but it doesn’t have to be. If you use a minimal theme – or edit one yourself – you really have the best control over your blog, strong SEO benefits and with the W3 cache plugin you can have speed as well.