Sam Doidge

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The Dissertation

Yeah… that little thing.

I wanted to produce something that would be useful and new, not a rehashing of what has been done before, something cutting edge in web design / user experience, etc. It turns out this isn’t really an option, and a rough proposed topic of mine ~ ‘Can achievements used in web applications increase user participation?’ was more of an industrial / scientific research paper than a media dissertation.

It’s a shame a research type paper isn’t an option but I guess that’s down to my degree, there will be plus points to the course, like looking more into the cultural elements and what effect that has. I’d love to look at something like that a new research paper in the future, however then I’d probably just build into a website, make some rough analysis and judge that way, maybe even a blog post on it, but not a 8-10k word dissertation.

Current dissertation, purely in the form of keywords: Games, Japan, Western, Eastern, America, Culture, Final Fantasy, Gears Of War, Zelda.