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The Power of nohup

nohup allows is to run a command, close our connection, and still have the command run on the server - very powerful.

I’ve used this at times I know I have a command that will take a long time to run, but I need to close my laptop / go on lunch / carry on living life.

How to run:

nohup COMMAND &

What is & ?- this is to run the command in the background (stops output text appearing in our terminal).

Caveat: If you have trouble with the command not running after disconnecting, you may need to specify a full path. I had this issue with the following MySQL database import, so I used:

nohup /usr/bin/mysql ... &

instead of

nohup mysql ... &

Running this you should receive something like the following: bash[1] 4587 This is our process id - you can use this to monitor the process.

ps aux | grep 4587

Will give us some details of the current command.

Now you can goto lunch!