Sam Doidge

Continual improvement


I created a site to test mongoDB, with Save a Tweet – storing my data in one ‘blob’. I like the simplicity, and not having to worry about relationships or changing the scheme down the line. I won’t be using this in place of MySQL on most projects but the use case is large storage of data than can be clumped together logically, and for that it is great.

Negatives? On my Ubuntu VPS, the mongod process stops. Has happened twice over a few months and I’m not sure why, probably down to my VPS restarting but it’s always a headache to fix. For my reference, and anyone else:

mongod --fork --dbpath /var/lib/mongodb --logpath /var/log/mongodb.log

to have mongo running as a process again, specifying my dbpath was required. A mongod –repair may have been needed in here as well.