Sam Doidge

Continual improvement


I’ve been making my room more minimalist.


The catalyst for this being a love for simplicity and the beauty within it. Coming back from holiday I want any future moving to be as easy as possible. Clutter causes stress and distractions on the brain on a conscious or subconscious level. I work better with less clutter, ergo; I will be a better entrepreneur.

Upon mentioning my crusade @AlexLeeDee told me about Cult of Less. Kelly setup the site on a quest to have less clutter in his life. He has listed all his possessions, and wether he is keeping or selling (or giving away). It’s brilliant, we share the top 2 items from his list. Here is my snapshot list:

  • MacBook Pro 15″ – keep
  • 32″ Samsung 1080p HD screen – keep
  • Toshiba 1TB external hard drive – keep (review to come)

The following lists extra steps taken by me, which may be verging on OCD. I’ve taken photos of every page in my notes / design / inspiration pads from over the years, transfered photos to computer, then recycled the pads. It gave me a chance to have a brief look over, and they are now much more accessible. All my essays from university are now on Google Docs - thanks to having to submit all on a CD. I have ripped all from CD, uploaded to google Docs, and recycled the paper and discs. All my bank statements are online, thanks to Halifax’ great paper-free service. I have one letter from them at home for each account, the rest shredded. Any clothes i’ve not worn in ages, or don”t really like, have been given away or if new, sold. This has led to me getting rid of a whole chest of draws from my room.

If you’re struggling to get rid of something you don’t really need or use, justify it by being more nihilistic. I’ve committed some ruthless acts of minimalist efficiency in the name of nihilism. Go forth and conquer.