Jekyll XML Sitemap Generator

Sitemaps are still important for SEO, perhaps one of the most improtant things.

An XML Sitemap is now really easy to setup in Jekyll - easier than Wordpress, even. Here is my Sitemap.

  • Simply add gem 'jekyll-sitemap' to your GemFile* and then run bundle.

  • Add the following to your site’s _config.yml:

  - jekyll-sitemap
  • Serve your site with bundle exec jekyll serve and the sitemap should now be accessible at /sitemap.xml. (Set the url parameter in _config.yml to configure the URL used in your sitemap.xml file).

  • Set this as your Sitemap in Google Search Console to reap the large SEO benefits.

A massive thanks to the brilliant creators of the plugin used above: Jekyll Sitemap.

*(If you do not have a GemFile, create one looking something like mine.)