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Eckhart Tolle

I wanted to write a post in case something happens to me and I can no longer post. Rather than an otherwise potentially alarming title, I’ve gone for a recent but profound teacher, Eckhart Tolle.

Eckhart Tolle

What information would I want to pass on to others? The teachings of Eckhart. I first listened to the Power of Now many years ago. I think it planted a curious seed in me, but I had dismissed his transformation. ‘How can someone suddenly walk around in a state of bliss, even when sleeping on park benches?’ It didn’t correlate with anything I had known in life. We have to work hard for moments of pleasure, and then they will fade and require effort to reach them again - This was my mindset (I believe this is termed dualistic thinking).

It’s taken multiple listens of the book to digest the teachings - many of the concepts are new to me (and others I expect), so we hear or read the words, but don’t grasp their intended meaning.

I don’t want to ramble, but I would urge everyone to digest the book, and listen to his numerous videos. Why? For me on a practical level, I’ve reduced my continuous thinking, and the thoughts I do have seem to be better. I can then trust those thoughts. I have less of the burden in contemplating the past and future, and focus more on the now. How? By observing nature (without mentally labelling). By putting my attention in trying to feel my inner energy field (tips of the fingers are easiest to do this). By watching a thought when it comes, or feeling an emotion when it arises in the body.

I believe all this to be true, and correct. We should be more conscious - leave space for something else to come in. We can go deeper here, and there is much more to take in, but I will leave that to the master Eckhart, for now.

On a practical level I will extend the domain register for this domain as long as possible, and also hope GitHub does not change too much regarding their hosting, so if people did want to see a message from me when I’m not able to give one via other means, you have this.