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Why I believe in Bitcoin

I’ve been meaning to write this down for a while. As Bitcoin hits the $1400 USD mark, I thought now is a good time. Core strengths Decentralised ...

Art Update

I used to browse a blog full of graphs and charts (Jesse’s Café Américain), but on the periphery were old posters and advertisements of a bygone era. I think this added something to the website. It brought some humanity - we are humans, after all.. and...

Italian Fields

Another new design. I’m placing the Italian farm/fields image below as a monument to my last design. This is actually an old design of mine, as seen on the Internet Archive. Italian fields Remaining tasks There are several tasks remaining...


This post is probably a marker that I have to split my personal and technical posts, but onwards. My recent holiday has been a relevation to me, and I’m feeling very positive. Asher Durand, The Beeches, 1845. I discovered it when viewing Romanticism...


I’ve had a reminder to post the following image for ages, and now I’ve been putting into practise the lessons from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - I thought I should post. Asher Durand, The Beeches, 1845. I discovered it when...


Sharing a Pro Tip with you guys: Lists. Lists, specifically to-do lists, are very powerful. They allow us to take things off the mind, but them onto paper (or an app) and we now only have to remember one thing - to look at the list. This...


Evolution, not revolution is the approach I have taken. I was inpsired by the view of the future and software / technology in the brilliant film Her. Something I wanted from a redesign was to increase simplicity and remove unnecessary css transitions...

Fraser Island does not have more sand than the Sahara desert

My friend Neil mentioned the claim ‘Fraser Island has more sand than the Sahara desert’ when viewing footage of Fraser Island tonight, it sounded almost unbelievable. Googling the claim, several results came up. Two Australian tourist sites stating this is a myth, while...

Fifa Trader

Fifa Trader connects to Fifa 13′s unpublished API to allow automated bidding and selling of Ultimate Team cards. Connection to FIFA servers possible from work done by numerous others on GitGub, my GitHub fork contains a current working app for ps3 accounts: Search screen once...

Aether Logo

A logo for a prospective web company.


I’ve been making my room more minimalist. The catalyst for this being a love for simplicity and the beauty within it. Coming back from holiday I want any future moving to be as easy as possible. Clutter causes stress and distractions on the...


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. - Marianne Williamson Ok so going a bit deep with this post, but I think it’s worth sharing. Some realisation of this started with going to...


Pintbet logo and strap line on the home screen. Users screen with ‘sparkline’ graph showing profit trend. Events Screen Tip Screen

Unlearn Your MBA

David Heinemeier Hansson does it again, more inspiration for doing your own startup. He’s real.

The Dissertation

Yeah… that little thing. I wanted to produce something that would be useful and new, not a rehashing of what has been done before, something cutting edge in web design / user experience, etc. It turns out this isn’t really an option, and a rough proposed topic...


This was a concept for a collaborative user-created tutorial site (and still a good idea), hence the wiki.

ur.gigs Website

This was produced as part of a university assignment - A user contributed gig review site built in PHP and using the API.  I went with a simple, and clean visual style.

hackrhackr Logo

The logo compromises two abstract h letters. Inspired by symbols from The Matrix.

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